Palm Tree

-- Marcy W.

"These cookies are so delicious, warm and cozy! Definitely a new favorite fall treat!"

In a large bowl whip butter using a hand mixer until it is airy and light in color.

Cream sugars and butters together until there is no lumps.

Add pumpkin and vanilla to the creamed sugar mixture. Mix in the eggs to the batter till smooth.

Add the dry ingredients on top of wet ingredients. Stir together dry before combining with wet.

Combine wet and dry ingredients together until streaks of flour are just barely gone. 

In a bowl combine sugar and cinnamon for rolling cookie dough in.

Using a cookie scoop measure out the cookie dough and drop into bowl of prepared sugar.

Roll dough till coated and place on baking sheet. Place in oven and  bake for 9 minutes.

Allow cookies to cool for a few minutes. Then drop cookies in cinnamon sugar again.

Allow cookies to finish cooling on a wire rack and enjoy!

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